Growing Through the Seasons of Life Together.

Effective and Empathetic Couples Counseling in Throughout, Alaska – Strengthening Relationships via Telehealth and Face-to-Face Sessions

You Are Stronger Than You Think

Change is inevitable in every relationship. Whether you’re navigating communication barriers, career shifts, parenthood, or the empty nest phase, these transitions can impact your relationship. At Seasons of Life Counseling, we help couples navigate these changes with grace and resilience. Through empathetic couples therapy, we’ll guide you in adapting to all the seasons of life together, fostering deeper understanding and mutual support.

Emotional Connection

Foster greater emotional connection, empathy, and mutual support, leading to a more resilient and satisfying relationship moving forward.


It’s easy to lose sight of your shared aspirations and values. We help you rediscover and realign your goals, to create a renewed sense of purpose.

Conflict Resolution

Master conflict resolution techniques, allowing you to address disagreements calmly and constructively for a more supportive relationship environment.

Relationships Aren’t Easy

Whether it be communication breakdown or unresolved conflicts, these obstacles can create distance and strain. You deserve a safe space to address these challenges openly and constructively. Together, we’ll explore effective communication strategies and conflict resolution techniques to strengthen your bond.

Ready to Get Started?

Step One in working together

Schedule a Free Consultation

This initial meeting is a chance for us to get to know each other and determine the best approach for your needs.

Step Two in working together

Attend Therapy Regularly

We’ll start with understanding your challenges and goals in therapy and then we'll work towards equipping you with the tools you need to succeed.

Step Three in working together

Build a Stronger You

With dedication and commitment, you'll move forward, confident that you can overcome whatever life throws at you.

Build a Strong Foundation

At Seasons of Life Counseling, we recognize that relationships are journeys of shared experiences, evolving through seasons of joy, growth, and occasional challenges. Our practice is founded on principles of empathy, genuineness, and a steadfast dedication to nurturing the unique bond between partners. Our goal is to empower you both to strengthen your connection, rediscover shared values, and embrace the full potential of your relationship. We’re here to guide you on this journey, celebrating each milestone and helping you build a foundation of trust and lasting love.

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